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What’s a Comprehensive Blood Lab?

The labs will cover a full spectrum of health-maximizing markers, hormones, and inflammatory markers along with a report that will point out your specific health priorities. Our blood labs are set to report your optimal health levels and which areas are or have moved into a health-damaging level of concern.

What’s included in the lab price?

When you order your comprehensive blood chemistry panel with East West Health the cost will cover a full spectrum blood panel, a meeting with our Functional Health Expert to review in detail and educate you on your labs, and a custom-tailored multi-phase peptide, nutrition, and fitness program that fits your personal needs and goals. Retail value of $1,500+

We are committed to your success!

We stand by the transformative nature of our lab review and health plan, specifically tailored to leverage the power of peptides. Should you find this experience anything less than truly impactful, we are committed to providing a refund. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

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What Our Patients Are Saying!

WOW! This is the best experience I have had. I love to learn continually the how and then do it consistently. I feel grateful for Trysten. He is helping my husband and me get our bodies in order. Wonderful work!

Lorene M.

From the moment I stepped through the door at East West Health, I was met with genuine, professional, knowledgeable, and concerned people. Every aspect of the process was explained and performed perfectly. In short, I could not be happier with my decision and I am confident that because of their work my life has dramatically been changed for the better!

Chris L.

The staff is absolutely wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable, and everyone truly cares about your well-being and progress. They are available at a moment’s notice and have addressed all my questions and concerns promptly. It has been a pleasure so far working with them and my body is appreciating all the goodness as well. Thank you East West Health for helping me on my wellness journey.


A Message from Regan About Our Blood Panels:

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